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Cabinet Doors and Drawers: Frequently Asked Questions

Here we seek to address some of the frequently asked questions about ordering from CabinetHub. If you're unable to find what you're looking for, please give us a call at 1-855-669-6609 or email us.


How do I measure for the doors?

It really depends on what you want to do. It's different for partial and full overlay and faceless or framed cabinets. A very general rule of thumb is to add between a 1/2"-1" to the width and height of the opening of the cabinet. Whatever you decide, provide us with the FINAL door size. We have posted a useful guide for measuring cabinet doors on our site for your convenience.

Please note that we do not accept responsibility for any errors in measurements based on these recommendations.

Read our full Measuring Guide

Product questions

Do you provide the glass with the glass and french lite doors?

No, we do not provide glass with the glass and french lite doors. The cabinet doors come prepared to accept the glass, but we don't give you the glass.

What is the drawer fee?

Although drawer fronts are small, they are labor intensive to make. Additionally, the grain direction runs horizontally, which also increases costs.

What are your hinge recommendations?

What type of Warranty & Guarantee does CabinetHub offer on cabinet doors?

Please see our Specifications, Warranty & Guarantee page for details.

What is a Center Rail?

A center rail is a horizontal rail that can be added to tall doors for additional stability. Doors 50" and over in height must specify with or without center rail. Please indicate this during checkout in the Additional Instructions section on the last page of checkout. Center rail placement is in the middle of the door; same distance from top and bottom. The center rail is the same size as the stiles and rails and has the same inside edge detail to match the rest of the door. Doors over 22" wide or 50" high are not guaranteed against warping, twisting or cracking so a center rail for stability is highly recommended, but it is not a necessity. If a door is going to warp it will usually happen in the first month. What causes a warp in a standard size door is a piece of wood that has a twist in it. A door will not be straight and then two years later warp. For this reason very tall doors cannot be guaranteed because the longer the board (piece of wood) is the harder it is to make sure it is straight. That is why we ALWAYS recommend center rails for tall doors.

What are the matching arched and square doors?

We have put together this guide to help customers find Matching Arched and Squared Cabinet Doors.

What is MDF? When is it recommended to use MDF instead of wood?

MDF stands for medium density fiberboard. We recommend using MDF if you are going to paint the door. MDF absorbs less paint than solid wood, which will reduce warping.

What is the difference between a door and a drawer?

The grain direction of a door runs up and down (vertical), while a drawer front runs left to right (horizontal). Additionally, the typical stiles/rails of a door are about 2.25" to 3" wide. Most drawer fronts will have reduced stile/rail widths to approximately 1 3/8". If you are ordering a DOOR with a HEIGHT that is SMALLER than the WIDTH, you probably are looking for a DRAWER FRONT.

How do I install the glass in my open for glass or French lite door?

All glass and french lite cabinet doors will be shipped with the Standard Glass Door Route unless otherwise specified in the notes section during checkout.

Read more about glass door ordering options and installation

Standard Glass Door Route

Standard Glass Door Route

Standard Glass Door - To be expected unless otherwise noted. Accepts our rubber stops for holding glass in place. All Miter and Cope 'N Stick Frames.

no rubber stop groove

No Rubber Stop Groove

Glass Door - please order as: "No Rubber Stop Groove" All Miter and Cope 'N Stick Frames.

No Rubber Stop Groove

No Glass Route/Panel Groove OK

Glass Door - please order as: "No Glass Route/Panel Groove OK". All Miter and Cope 'N Stick Frames.

No Glass Route Panel Groove OK

No Glass Route/No Panel Groove

Glass Door - please order as: "No Glass Route/No Panel Groove". Miter Frames Only!

What is Preboring? (a.k.a pre-bore, bore options)

If you plan on using hidden or concealed hinges (A.K.A European hinge or Euro hinge) to hang your cabinet doors you will soon learn that most concealed euro/cup hinges require a large cup hole and two smaller holes for either screws or some sort of dowel. Our pre-boring option allows you to have these cups and dowel holes professionally drilled ensuring accurate and uniform cup and dowel holes.

Read our Boring Guide for more information about preboring your cabinet doors.


Why is the estimated shipping lower than the actual shipping charges?

The estimated shipping function was created to allow people to get a general idea of shipping charges without creating an account. Once the system knows the shipping address, the charges often increase. It is accurate, and includes the handling and packaging charges.

When will I receive my order?

Orders typically take 6-8 days in production before they are shipped out to you.

Shipping usually takes between 1-6 business days. Please refer to the service maps below to estimate your delivery date.

Due to the heat of the summer, we do not ship pallets on Fridays if they will sit in a hot truck over the weekend. Extreme heat can easily warp the doors. If you have a large order that is scheduled to ship on Friday, please note that it may not ship until the following Monday to ensure product excellence.

Service Map and Delivery Estimates

delivery map

* Freight to Hawaii or Alaska could take up to 2 weeks

Holidays that will effect delivery

Our factory will be closed on the following holidays and orders will be delayed accordingly:

  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day, Thursday
  • New Year's Eve
  • New Year's Day

Will I receive status updates and tracking information?

You will receive the following email notifications regarding your order status:

  1. Pending - This status is used when the order is initially placed.
  2. Confirmed - This status indicates that there are not outstanding issues or questions regarding your order and payment has been verified.
  3. In production - This status indicates that the factory has begun building your order. This will take approximately 5 business days to complete.
  4. Shipped - This status indicates that your order has been shipped. We do our best to include tracking information in this notification, although it is not always possible. If your email does NOT include tracking information, please use the Service Map to estimate your delivery date.
  5. Delivered - This status indicates that your order has been delivered. Please help us improve our business by answering our brief customer survey attached to this notification.

How do I request faster shipping?

As you complete your order, you will come across a Notes section. Please request a quote for faster shipping here. We will calculate the additional costs and email you an invoice.

What if delivery services are unable to reach me by the phone numbers provided?

Please be advised that some delivery services will contact you prior to the delivery. If they are unable to reach you by the phone numbers provided, they will not deliver your order. Freight companies will charge $100 per day to store your order. Customers are responsible for these additional charges.


How do I order something that isn't on the site? Can I get slab doors and/or fronts?

We can often do custom orders for an additional charge. You can call us at 866-824-5019 or email us at here.

Why didn't I receive an email confirmation?

Please make sure to check your Junk or Spam folder. Or contact us to request a copy.

Contact us

How can I order different Left and Right Preboring Options for the same size doors?

To order cabinet doors of the same size with different Left/Right specifications simply add each door to your cart separately. Specifying left or right is only required for Arch doors.

How do I save my cart?

Carts are automatically saved if you are logged in to CabinetHub.com. In order to log in to CabinetHub.com you must first create an account.

After you have created an account and logged in, all items added to your cart will remain in your cart until you remove them on the view cart items page. You can safely log out at anytime, knowing that the next time you log in, the items in your cart will still be there.

How do I add a shipping address?

Shipping addresses can be added in two ways:

  1. During Checkout on Step 1 (click Add a new Shipping Address)
  2. Go to your My Account page and click Shipping Information. There you can add a new address by clicking Add Address or edit existing shipping addresses by clicking on the address you would like to edit.

Your billing address needs to match the address associated with the credit card for a payment to be approved. But the shipping address can be anywhere in the us. TIP: You can add as many shipping addresses as you need in your My Account page, then just select the one you would like the order shipped to during checkout.

Why is my payment being denied? Why does my bank show it's being processed?

The most common reason your payment is denied is because your billing address is not matching what your bank has on file. Denial reasons are usually from the bank and not from our payment processor. If you receive a denial message, we will NOT be collecting payment from your account. Your bank may show the charges as pending, and it is their responsibility to release the charges back to your account.

Customer Service

Have more questions?

Visit our Customer Service Center for more information and helpful user guides to assist you in ordering your cabinet doors and drawers.

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